About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic women who love coffee. Through our activities we seek to help build a new culture of coffee consumers in Guatemala. Our main goal is to bridge the existing gap between consumers, coffee shops and coffee professionals. Our activities will take you through a journey of experiences in the magical world of coffee!

What We Do

We will play with your senses to help you discover the unique fragrances a grain of coffee emanates. You will become a professional barista for a day and have fun learning how to make latte art, don’t worry if you are not Pablo Picasso, our experts will turn you into a true coffee artist!

You will have a chance to visit a coffee farm and learn the process the coffee bean has before it makes it to the roastery and eventually to your cup. The workshops will inspire you and teach you everything there is to know about coffee.

You will learn the different extraction methods which will turn you into a master in the refined art of coffee tasting, and you will even learn how to use coffee in different beverages and products. Take your love for coffee into the next level and join us in our fun coffee adventure by taking our Coffee Crawl, workshops and seminars!