28 Oct, 2019


Planning a trip to Guatemala? Don’t miss out on one of our Coffee Crawls were you will discover the amazing world that exists behind a cup […]
17 Aug, 2019

Extracting the Perfect Cup of Coffee!

Extracting the Perfect Cup of Coffee! When you understand coffee extraction, you can have control over your coffee and obtain a perfect cup, just like a […]
17 Aug, 2019


THE CHEMISTRY OF CAFFEINE Caffeine is an alkaloid that is naturally produced by about sixty plant species, such as cacao nibs, tea leaves, kola nuts, and […]
24 Apr, 2019

Event Template

28 Mar, 2019

Done by heart

Thank you guys for the inspiration guiding me on my trip! I had no idea my everyday drink could be so interesting and fun! Great guides […]
28 Mar, 2019

Tour with my Baby

I could tell the team is very passionate about the coffee world and that gave the Coffee Crawl a special touch, I loved how they transmitted […]
28 Mar, 2019

Coffee Love

My boyfriend and I love coffee and I accidentally ran into Caffeine Antigua while scrolling down my Instagram. We decided to take a workshop called “farm […]
25 Mar, 2019

Coffee Enthusiast

Even though I am a coffee enthusiast, I did not know much about coffee and wanted to learn more. I decided to join the coffee crawl. […]
25 Mar, 2019

A Coffee Growing Country

I was looking for fun activities to do in Antigua and found the coffee crawl. Since I was visiting a coffee growing country, I wanted to […]